Decoding Dreams


Pari and her mother Parvati were going in her Red Scooty. Day was nearing to sundown but not yet dark. It looks like Pari was riding her vehicle after a longtime that too in a graveled, dusty and not so crowded roadway. Pari had taken that road as Parvati was sure about that route.

Pari’s father Vishwanath was also on his way to a circle where he was supposed to pick his wife and daughter. Pari was unaware where they were going and for what reason till now. She was riding as per her mother’s instruction; it was a time to take a turn now leaving the straight route which they travelled so far. Pari took a left turn which lead them to a dead end after sometime.

Pari shouted in anger “Amma, you said that you know the route and see now, where are we…”

“It was the same…

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